Aqua Tech Recreation Inc. Renovations

Does your pool need a makeover?

Do you think it’s time to update your pool and give it a fresh new look? Want new tiles to accent your style? Or you want to get rid of that rough scratchy surface at the bottom of the pool and create a smoother and luxurious brand new pool feel? If so please contact us for any of your renovation needs. We do not only help your pools look but also replace any parts that it may need to help improve the function of your pool. 

We offer:

  • River Rok and Diamond Brite finishes

  • Tile Replacement

  • Installation of New Pipes

  • Installation of New Filters

  • Painting of Pools

  • Coping

  • Installation of Heaters

  • Installation of Heat Pumps

  • Installation of Motors and Booster Pumps

  • Vinyl Liners

  • Robotic Cleaners

  • Installation of Filtration Systems

  • Installation of Water Features

  • LED light fixtures/Colorful

If there is a need you may have that you don’t see listed please contact us.