Aqua Tech Recreation Inc. Leak Detection

Having a pool that leaks can be a frightening problem. Leaks can undermine a pools structure that can lead to bigger and more costly repairs if they are not detected and fixed early on. Aqua Tech uses the most advanced leak detection equipment in the industry today.  With this equipment it is possible to locate and fix your leak as quickly, accurately and with as little additional problems as possible. Many times the issue is something that can be fixed fairly easy once it has been detected. Some of our techniques used are:

  • Electronic Listening Device- this is used to pinpoint leaks in pipes and limits the need to replace entire pipe lines or to rip up decks that could result in high costs to the home owner. The technology we have allows us to know exactly where the location of the leak is and we can then go right to the source to fix the issue.

  • Tankless diving equipment- Our staff is trained to dive with their equipment and to do underwater leak detection with dye testing and as well as fix the leak while under water. No emptying out your pool and waiting for it to refill again.

  • Pressure testing- This technique is also used to pinpoint and clarify which pipe is causing the problem and wear to begin the search.

Don’t allow your pool to go to long with a leak. A simple patch or new pipe today could create a season of fun, rather than a season of renovations.